How To Make A Machine Block In Tekkit

minecraft: how to build a fast quarry (tekkit modpack)

Feb 27, 2014 · how to build a fast quarry in minecraft modpack tekkit. buildcraft is the mod and is part of tekkit. rate comment and subscribe, and enjoy. I created the intro using adobe after effects. I created ...

Wrench (IndustrialCraft)

Using any other tool to dismantle a machine will result in only dropping a machine block. Additionally, there is a 20% chance, even when using a wrench, that your machine will not return itself. Specialized generators may return a normal Generator, and other.

Machine Blocks - Tekkit Legends Discussion

2015/10/16 · Does it really take 8 refined iron to make one, and you have to use a diamond to make 7 refined iron.... so you have to use 2 diamonds just to make one machine block? How is this balanced? So.... after a delete/install of the mod pack I see that NEI was missing ...

how to use rock crusher in minecraft tekkit

how to use rock crusher in minecraft tekkit Rock Crusher - The Tekkit Classic Wiki. The Crusher is built out of 12 special blocks made from a Block of Steel, Pistons, and Diamonds. If broken down, it takes 3 Blocks of Steel, 12 Pistons, and 12 Diamonds to build

Tekkit Lite

Tekkit Lite Version 0.6.6. created by sct on Minecraft Version 1.4.7 using Technic Solder. Overview Updates 2 Changelog Mods 49 Discuss 109.

Tutorials/Galacticraft Getting Started Guide

Introduction Building rockets, space stations and colonies on new worlds may seem a little overwhelming, if you're just starting out. So here is a small guide to getting started with Galacticraft! Quick Start Before you head into space, you will need a few items ...

In addition to standard redstone power, RedPower adds a new kind of power called "blutricity". Unlike BuildCraft or IndustrialCraft power, blutricity can flow through any blulectr

Coal Generator

The Coal Generator is a generator that allows early power generation. It burns coal to produce electricity. There is a short warm-up period, after which it will gradually increase power output up to 10 kW (or in Galacticraft 3, 120 gJ/s). You can connect it to any machine that requires electricity using Aluminum Wire .

Tekkit technic pack: Energy collector

Surprised no one has mentioned this yet. After you are able to make diamonds you will want to upgrade fuel in the energy collector or through the philosopher's stone's upgrade recipe and make a klein star. A klein star will allow you to transfer that EMC out of the collector into your transmutation tablet.


The Refinery is a machine block that uses electrical power to process Crude Oil into usable Fuel . An oil bucket placed in the refinery's input slot will be converted into an empty bucket, and the refinery's oil reserve will fill slightly. The refinery can be powered by placing a Battery into the battery slot or connecting a power source to the ...

Electrum Ingot

The Electrum Ingot is obtained by smelting Electrum Blend and is used to craft several Thermal Expansion components and also to craft Redstone Energy Cells. Cannot be made into a Block, or Macerated back to Electrum Blend. It can, however, be Pulverized back into Electrum Blend.

Macerator (IndustrialCraft 2) - Official Feed The Beast Wiki

The Macerator is a machine in IndustrialCraft 2 that is used to crush Ores into Dusts.Typically, one Ore Block can be macerated into two Dusts, which can each be processed into an Ingot, effectively doubling the yield of the Ore. Additionally, the Macerator will increase the amount of Bone Meal and Blaze Powder received from Bone and Blaze Rods.

Tekkit Beginners Tutorial Minecraft Blog

Hi if you're reading this it is because you are either interested in getting tekkit but don't know how or trying to learn its ways Installing Tekkit Tekkit is a mod pack for Survival Multi Player SMP . It adds machines and items tools and weapons to the game. I may go

noob help, taking scrap from recycler into mass fabricater

Hi there, I apologise for the very noobish question, but I've been looking for a while now, and can't find the answer. I've made a cobblestone generator and I've piped it intoba recycler to make scrap, but im having a lot of trouble piping the scrap into a mass fabricator.

How To Use Rock Crusher Tekkit

How to use the rock crusher in tekkit - phn how to use rock crusher tekkit grinding mill equipmenthow to makeuse a universal charger for tekkit lite stone crusher for sale in this video i will show you how to use and make a universal charger -how to use the rock

How to thrive in Tekkit Minecraft Blog

What is up guys DGMRV here. Today I will show you how to start off in Tekkit. NOTE If you want to skip through how to make the items I suggest you either use the Recipe Mode of NEI or install the Crafting Table III mod. Make sure that it is the version made for

Block Smasher

The Block Smasher allows you to convert ores into their "mined products", e.g.: Redstone Ore into Redstone.To do this, you have to supply the machine with some power. Aside from the basic operation of the machine, it's also able to emulate a pickaxe with a ...


When wired up to an electric machine the generator will power it and any others until it runs out of power. However if you have Philosopher's Stone, you can craft 1 coal into 4 charcoal which is a lot more effective. Its block ID is 246. Block Usage

Tekkit for Dummies [Contest] [Minetorial] Minecraft Blog

Now, remember that iron is KEY to tekkit. Without iron you can't make many things in tekkit. So iron is your main objective right now. Some of the things that you can get before iron, is rubber, copper, and tin. You will need those as well later on. A machine that will make tekkit MUCH easier is the energy condenser.

Automatic Wheat Farm

This is a really cheap and quick method of how to set up an easily expanded wheat farm using basic Red Power machinery. Dig a 3x1 trench a pour a water bucket at each end, all three water blocks should now be still. Then using your hoe make the three blocks

How to pick up machines in tekkit - Mining Machine Manufacturers, Crusher Machine

How to pick up machines in tekkit Products As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, How to pick up machines in tekkit, quarry, aggregate ...

tekkit | The Block Brothers

To make the ring you will need 4 feathers, an iron band, and 4 dark matter. Obviously the feathers and the iron band aren’t a problem, but the dark matter might take a while. For the dark matter you will need a total of 32 STACKS of coal and 36 diamonds. Have

Block Breaker

50px This article is need of a clean-up.You can help out Tekkit Wiki by re-organizing parts of the article, checking grammar and spelling, and doing other helpful things to correct the article. The Block Breaker is used for tasks such as building automated cobblestone factories, wheat, flax, or sugar cane farms. ...

Tekkit Tips and Tricks: Tekkit Tips and Tricks 2: Power supply

Tekkit Tips and Tricks 2: Power supply 2. Power supply Your power supply in tekkit is very important as your soon-to-be-built machines would be running on electricity. In industrialcraft, electricity is measured in EU. The voltage of any wire is measured in EU/t ...

How to make a tekkit server

i havent played in years and the only armor i can find in the survival menu on the right is the quantum armor, but i dont remember it being THIS expensive to craft when i played years ago, i remember it being able to have a glider on it where crouching in the air will allow you to glide like how the elyta lets you, it also had a speed and jump boost and would allow you to run up 1 block high ...

Quarry | Minecraft buildcraft Wiki

The quarry will also pick up the scattered items unless breaking the chest sent them out of its range, as in the case of a dig site cutting a dungeon in half. Can make a sphere of objects in the frame, as the lazer will destroy the nearest block in a sphere within

how to make a machine block in tekkit

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Clockwork Engine - Official Feed The Beast Wiki

To wind the clockwork engine, simply right click on it. Stop winding when the engine turns red, otherwise it will be over-wound and damage the player. It takes 4 seconds from the engine becoming red to the player taking damage. Output [edit | edit source] The clockwork engine outputs between 0.5 and 1.5 RF per tick, depending on how much it is ...

felling turtles: How to use? - ComputerCraft

Wait a sec, the whole point of the machine is to chop down trees. And I have to program it to do that myself?! It's like asking me to program the Quarry from Buildcraft myself. The block doesn't function for it's intended purpose without a program...that I have to write?

Redstone Flux help[Tekkit Legends]

Tekkit Legends uses BC pipes called kinesis pipes to transfer RF from one machine to another. For your Big Reactor you'll need an emerald kinesis pipe to extract the RF from the power tap block on the reactor. From there you will want the best kinesis pipes you

[Tekkit] Is there a machine that sucks up items near it?

For Minecraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "[Tekkit] Is there a machine that sucks up items near it?". You can actually just hook the pipe directly to the chest. I use one like that for my mass fab in case too much scrap gets built up, the ...

How to make a Tekkit server. Minecraft Blog

I think that many people here and anywhere else have problems with making a tekkit server. If you don't know what tekkit is check out the last notes. So you'll first need the newest Tekkit Server. The latest is now 2.11. The server also comes with bukkit. So you don

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