Types Of Blocks Used In Construction

Types of Subfloor Materials in Construction Projects

Jul 25, 2019 · Types of Subfloor Materials in Construction Projects. Share Pin Email ... Wood planks were the traditional subflooring material used in homes built up to the mid-twentieth century. Since then, planks have been almost entirely replaced by plywood and other sheet subflooring. The planks are typically 1x6 and made of pine, fir, or a similar softwood.

Different types of Bricks used in Masonry

Oct 11, 2017 · Class-3 Bricks. These are the lowest quality Bricks which are used in masonry. Class 3 Bricks are overburnt or underburnt bricks. Class 3 Bricks are chosen only when the budget of the construction is very low or the structure is not permanent in nature and only be used for some time.

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10 Types of Stones Used for Building Constructions

10 Types of Stones Used for Building Constructions 1. Basalt . Basalt stone, which is also known as traps, is commonly used in road construction, as aggregate in concrete production, rubble masonry works for bridge piers, river walls, and dams. The basalt stone structure is medium to fine grained and compact.

Bricks or blocks - which are better for construction?

Bricks or blocks – which are better for construction? Introduction: A few years back it would have been the brick only era for constructions. All larger buildings relied upon the traditional red brick until construction industry decided to change things to suit the requirements and ease of access to turn towards AAC blocks.


ENGINE CONSTRUCTION. Basic engine construction varies little, regardless of the size and design of the engine. The intended use of an engine must be considered before the design and size can be determined. The temperature at which an engine will operate has a great deal to do with the metals used in its construction.

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Types of Building Construction

Nov 21, 2008 · Types of Building Construction based on the combustibility and the fire resistance rating of a building's structural elements. • Fire walls, nonbearing exterior walls, nonbearing interior partitions, fire barrier walls, shaft enclosures, and openings in walls, partitions, floors, and roofs are not related to the types of building construction …

A Proper Breakdown of the Different Types of Retaining Walls

For such areas, retaining walls allow the construction of steps or level areas. Retaining walls had been used by ancient Roman civilization in the construction of roads. Their extensive use can be found in many castles in Europe as well. Since then, there were many types of retaining wall construction which have been used and improved over time.

Glass as a Building Material - Understand Building Construction

Glass is now being used in the building industry as insulation material, structural component, external glazing material, cladding material; it is used to make delicate looking fenestrations on facades as well as conventional windows. With the advent of green technology in construction, glass is constantly undergoing transformation.

Blocks compared: Concrete aggregate, aircrete, clay and hemp

The blocks can be used both as the inner leaf in cavity walls or as a single skin for external load-bearing construction. As well as their use in walls, clay honeycomb blocks can be used in many of the same applications as concrete blocks.

Different types of concrete block

May 13, 2017 · Although many types of block are used to construct retaining walls, the term "retaining-wall block" generally refers to a specific type of solid, interlocking concrete blocks. Retaining-wall block is easy to install and requires no mortaring or core-filling.

Types of Walls - Understand Building Construction

These are walls made of brick or cement blocks held together with cement mortar and are often plastered with cement plaster on both surfaces. Cement blocks can also be called Concrete Masonry Units or CMUs, and come in a variety of types, including. Solid Concrete Blocks. Hollow Concrete Blocks. Lightweight Aerated Concrete Blocks.

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Different Types of Concrete Block

Jul 17, 2017 · Although many types of block are used to construct retaining walls, the term "retaining-wall block" generally refers to a specific type of solid, interlocking concrete blocks. Retaining-wall block is easy to install and requires no mortaring or core-filling.

The Pros & Cons of Concrete Block House Construction

12/27/2018 · A concrete block is referred to as a concrete masonry unit, or CMU, in the construction industry. Concrete blocks can be solid or hollow, with two or three cores or voids.

Formwork in Construction|Types|Applications of Shuttering

4/27/2016 · In construction industry formwork is similar to a mold to cast concrete member in different shape and sizes using different types of materials such as timber, steel, aluminum, plastic, etc. Shuttering is a synonym term used for form-work. Form work should have sufficient strength to carry dead load and live load coming on it during casting ...

Toy block

Toy blocks (also building bricks, building blocks, or simply blocks) are wooden, plastic, or foam pieces of various shapes ( cube, cylinder, arch etc.) and colors that are used as construction toys. Sometimes toy blocks depict letters of the alphabet . 2 Educational benefits. 3 Types and manufacturers. Baby at Play, by Thomas Eakins, 1876.

Various Types of Bricks

Recommended Bricks for Construction. Common burnt clay bricks are recommended for construction of a house. The bricks should be burnt in kiln thoroughly so that they become hard and durable. The two bricks should give a hard ringing sound when they are struck together. The bricks should have rectangular shapes with sharp corners and uniform colors.

Foundation Footings Used in the 1950s

Before the 1950s, foundations were constructed of a variety of stone or cinder block materials. Concrete became widely used in the late 1940s, with poured concrete and concrete blocks becoming standard.


A dolos (plural: dolosse) is a reinforced concrete block in a complex geometric shape weighing up to 80 tonnes (88 short tons), used in great numbers as a form of coastal management to build revetments for protection against the erosive force of waves from a body of water. The dolos was invented in 1963 by South African harbour draughtsman Aubrey Kruger, and was first deployed …

concrete blocks – Asanduff Group of Companies

Concrete blocks are hollow rectangular units used in construction projects. They are also called concrete masonry units (CMU) or hollow blocks. The use of blocks dates back to centuries, but since 1930s, it has been revolutionized, today is one of the most popular building materials in the world.

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The benefits of toy blocks: The science of construction play

Toy blocks, also called "building blocks," are solid shapes used for construction play. Some are simple planks made of wood. Others are fancy, like the interlocking bricks of plastic made by Lego and MegaBlox. But w hatever form they take, blocks can function as powerful learning tools. Studies suggest that toy blocks can help children develop.

Garden Guides | Types of Concrete Block Fences

Sep 21, 2017 · All blocks are constructed the same way; concrete poured into a mold and allowed to cure. The purpose of the wall and the available budget will determine which type of components and installation process should be used. Basic Concrete Mortar Block. Basic concrete mortar block is the type of block most people associate with block wall construction.

Glass as a Building Material

Glass wool can be used as filler or insulators in buildings, also for soundproofing. Glass blocks: Hollow glass wall blocks are manufactured as two separate halves and, while the glass is still molten, the two pieces are pressed together and annealed. The resulting glass blocks …

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Construction, Building Sets, & Blocks

Our Tegu blocks also make a great office desk toy to help you decompress before or after difficult meetings. These building blocks are made with just magnets and high-quality natural woods; they’ll look beautiful lying around when they’re not in use. Building sets can begin a lifelong hobby of construction and engineering.

Floors - Types of floors - Methods of Construction of Floor

The types of floors whose topping consists of cement concrete is called cement concrete floor or conglomerate floor. These floors consists of 2.5 cm to 5cm thick concrete layer laid over 10 cm thick base concrete and 10 cm thick clean sand over ground whose compaction and consolidation is done. These floors are commonly used …


11/8/2019 · types of concrete blocks or concrete masonry units in construction Concrete block masonry which is also known as concrete masonry unit (CMU) have advantages over brick and stone masonry. Concrete blocks are manufactured in required shape and sizes and these may be solid or hollow blocks.

16 Different types of slabs in construction | Where to use?

May 21, 2017 · Slabs are classified into 16 types. Different Types of concrete slabs in construction:-There are 16 different types of Slabs in Construction. Some of them are outdated and many of them are frequently used everywhere. In this article, ill give a detailed explanation of each slab where to use particular slab. Below are the types of concrete slabs.

Most Popular Building Materials in Kenya

Sep 25, 2019 · Interlocking blocks minimise the use of sand and cement. Building materials refer to any substance, natural or man-made which is used for construction purposes to create structures and buildings. The choice of building materials to use in a construction is determined by factors such as availability, cost, tenacity and durability.

How many different types of bricks are there for construction

Jun 05, 2017 · Different types of bricks/Blocks Used for Construction Masonry all : Masonry wall can be built from age old material like burnt clay bricks to latest masonry material like Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks .

4 Ways to Lay Concrete Blocks

Feb 12, 2020 · There are many different varieties of concrete blocks used for modern construction. You'll typically use standard 8" units, which will create the bulk of the foundation. Other types you might consider are single and double corner units, which provide a smooth square or rounded corner. Then you also have jamb blocks used …

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Papyrus Reveals From Where The Rocks Used To Build

Sep 28, 2017 · Forbes takes privacy seriously and is committed to transparency. ... The blocks used range from two to three tons in weight. ... tracking the rock types used in the construction of the great ...

Building Construction in Kerala:12 types of Bricks used |Viya

Mar 31, 2017 · ctures. These are the types of blocks used in load bearing mode of building construction in Kerala. Solid Concrete Block or Cement block: Heavier and stronger than conventional bricks, these blocks are ideal for the making of large structures during building construction because of its durability, strength and fire resistance.

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