Top 10 Tips for Dating

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Dating tips are not just for the novice dater. In fact, there is not a dater on the scene that could not use a few tips and a bit of advice. There is no such thing as a dating expert- there are those who are highly polished and know their trade, however even the highest of the breed struggle when it comes to matters of the heart.

Relationships start with chemistry- that special “spark” between two people. Whether the first smile catches your eye or the way they walk…there is always something that brings the two of you together. And, that is the beginning of what can be a lifelong relationship. That is – when it happens.

Dating is tough. There is no easy way around it. The one you are interested in is not always interested in you. While there are lots of “surefire” ways to attract the opposite sex, there are no fail-proof tricks or magic formulas to attract and trap Miss or Mr. Right. Tips are that – tips, while facts are facts. And, when dating there are a variety of methods that will work in a variety of situations. Remember, not all methods work in all situations, each situation is different. However, here are some “surefire” methods that will help you with your dating quest.

Top 10 Dating Tips

1. Make a commitment. If you are ready to date, commit to it and give it your whole heart. If you are going about it reluctantly, you will be your own worst enemy. It takes effort. Get involved. Decide why you want to date and what you want out of dating. Prepare yourself for rejection. This is part of the dating scene.

Rejection is a sure to happen so do not get discourage and do not give up. Keep going!

2. If you are serious about dating, take an interest in yourself.
 This means self improvement. Give yourself your best shot- join a gym and get fit, start eating a healthy diet which will improve your skin and bring out your outward glow. Get a new hair style and start on a new beauty regiment. Whether it is having your eyebrows trimmed or a manicure and pedicure, take the time to indulge in yourself. All these steps to self improvement will boost your confidence level and others will take notice.

3. Work on a new wardrobe. While you don’t want to be any Sally Slinger or Sleazy Sam, you do want clothes that will improve your look and others will find attractive. Select clothes that accentuate your assets and flatter you. Do not step into a look that definitely has you falling out of it or is not adaptable to your personality. Spruce yourself up and remember, shoes are important. If you are a woman, always have your shoes match your handbag.

4. Decide why you are dating.
 What are you hoping to gain? How soon do you want to gain it.? Are you hoping to find your soul mate and eventually marry? If you are dating for companionship and not really ready to plunge into a deeper relationship then you will approach dating in a relaxed manner. If you are dating simply for sex, then be honest with your partners and let them know that you are not interested in a full involvement or future commitment.

5. Socialize with those that have the same objective as you. If you are interested in dating and relationships then do not surround yourself with friends who are negative about the dating scene and relationships. Bad vibes penetrate. Get sociable through church gatherings or social functions with other singles. Break away from constantly being the third wheel with your best friend and their spouse.

6. Be realistic. Dating happens because of an interest from the perused and the pursuer. Ask those that you are likely to receive a “yes” response from. However, never sell yourself short. If you do happen to feel a spark with someone and feel they are way out of your reach, don’t dismiss it. Ask. Just don’t make the unobtainable a habit. Remember you are a package and it is not just your looks but your personality as well.

7. Get involved. This means go where things are happening and you are likely to meet other singles. Join societies, clubs, go to outings, take classes that you are interested in- anything that gets you on the scene and around people like you.

8. Do not tire yourself out. Always allow time out. Take time for you. Even the most seasoned and polished daters need time to occasionally recharge their batteries. Remember also, not to throw in the towel if you hit a dry spell. This is part of the scene.

9. Enjoy the lifestyle of dating.
 It is an adventure of socializing and meeting new people, engaging in new activities, promoting yourself with your new inner and outer self confidence and spending time with people that you find worthwhile. It is a time that you may find exactly what you were looking for in life, whether you expected it or not.

10. Always keep a bit to yourself. Don’t put all your cards upfront. Leave a little to the imagination. People enjoy a bit of mystery and the thrill that only occurs when dating- don’t be too available…but continue to build those sparks stronger. The more interested the other person becomes, the more likely the relationship is to develop into a long lasting relationship. Don’t make it all happen in one night. If chemistry takes off first you may find that your emotions never catch up and the relationship is definitely going to require work if it is to last.