What Is Ground Face Block?

Common Brick Vs. Face Brick

2018/03/06 · Building projects that involve brickwork have two main varieties to choose from: common brick and face brick. Both are durable and graded on a scale to match the building material with your project needs. While there are differences between the two, the main difference is cosmetic. Face bricks are made to face …

Homewyse Calculator: Cost to Install CMU Block Wall

The cost to Install a CMU Block Wall starts at .60 - .23 per square foot, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements.

What Is the Rough Cost of Concrete Building Block?

Split-face concrete block is a decorative block used to provide a look similar to that of stone. These blocks are split during production to create a rough surface. They come in a range of colors and textures designed to mimic natural stone. According to the NAHB ...

Ground Face CMU

Architectural CMU – Ground Face Jandris Ground Face CMU are extremely durable, fire and mold resistant, and energy efficient due to high thermal mass. The characteristics of our locally sourced natural aggregates give Jandris Ground Face Blocks a unique and ...

Ground Face

The Ground Face collection is a great choice for a classic look. National Concrete Masonry Association DISCLAIMERS The colors shown below represent a sampling of our …

Ground Face CMU | Barnes & Cone, Inc

Ground Face Block are produced using Standard CMU shapes and sizes, so virtually any smooth block shape or size can be a Ground Face unit. Grinding block in our Multi-Head Grinder removes approximately 1/16" off the surface, exposing the color and

Legacy Stone Terrazzo

Manufacturers create ground face block by grinding the surface of the concrete to expose its natural aggregates, resulting in a sleek finish and a uniform look for each block. Legazzo Stone Terrazzo from Nitterhouse Masonry Products is a shining example of a

Architectural CMU

Jandris Block has been manufacturing Architectural CMU since the 1970’s beginning with split face CMU, ground face followed in the early 1990s, and we began polishing CMU in 2009. Most architectural finishes expose the beauty of local aggregates and there’s

WestStandard | Ground Face Block vs Split Face Block for

Jan 15, 2016 · Concrete masonry units (CMUs) can be an excellent cladding choice for the interior and exterior of modern homes. Two of the finish choices for concrete masonry units are ground face and split face. Ground face block offers a smooth semi-polished finish. In contrast, the finish of split face block is rough and irregular. Both types […]

Ground Face Finish Concrete Block

We offer our ground face block at fair prices to help you manage your projects’ costs. We’ll also do whatever it takes to make your customer experience as smooth and seamless as possible. You’ll love doing business with Nitterhouse Masonry Products!

Quality Block Co. Inc. – Quality Is In Our Product – Not Just

Quality Block is manufactured with black cinders. The natural rustic texture of a splitface block is a durable, economical, and virtual maintenance free alternative to many facings or veneers that are available today. It easily sets a design tone, mood or context and makes a dramatic statement.

GROUND FACE BLOCK PRODUCTS - Anderson's Masonry Hearth

GROUND FACE BLOCK PRODUCTS (All Block Measurements are shown WxHxL) Ground Face 4 x 4 x 16 Half Height H1F Available on special order basis only. Ground Face 4 x 8 x 16 H1F1E2N Partition Available on special order basis only. Ground Face 4

Specialty Block and Shapes - Carroll's Building Materials

Buy Specialty Block -- We sell round concrete block, and column block, turf block, split face block, colored concrete block, paver block. Order online. Specialty Block and Shapes Carroll’s Building Materials offers a wide range of specialty Concrete Blocks and

Ground Face Colors

Ground Face Colors . ground-face-colors.pdf. Document Information. ... Ground Face. CMU Color Guide; CALIFORNIA. 605 Industrial Way Dixon, CA 95620-9779

Welcome to EP Henry’s Shapes and Sizes Catalog

Welcome to EP Henry’s Shapes and Sizes Catalog Profile™ CMU’s are available in a wide variety of color and aggregate combinations. If you don’t see a shape here, please contact your EP Henry Sales Representative.

Tristar Brick and Block LTD

Welcome to Tristar Brick & Block LTD High-quality concrete masonry products For over 25 years Tristar has provided top-quality concrete blocks and precast concrete throughout the Lower Mainland.

Trendstone® Ground Face Masonry Units Colors

Angelus Block Colors & Textures: Trendstone® Ground Face Masonry Units Colors - Trenwyth Industries - West Colors - Special Order All color images are intended to be representative only. Colors as shown are subject to media variation in reproduction. Variation ...


Please note: Not all colors available in all areas. Please contact your Acme Brick/Featherlite representative for the colors available in your area.

What is a Split Face Block? (with picture)

2020/4/2 · After the split-face block is cured, the block is split lengthwise or crosswise, depending on the design preferred for the task. This leaves a texture that is rough and somewhat like that of a partially weathered stone. The aggregates, especially any that were ...

Architectural Concrete Blocks

These units blend two colors throughout the block and are available in four finishes: split face, polished, shot blast or smooth. These units provide another alternative to the face texture and finish. Each unit is ground smooth to achieve the desired color and finish. Available in larger sizes than traditional architectural block with your ...

Concrete Product Supplier - A-1 BLOCK

Accomplish great construction projects by partnering with a trustworthy concrete product supplier; choose A-1 Block Corporation today. We have been in the industry for over 65 years, so you can be confident in the quality of our products.

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Masonry Products, Block, Brick - Anchor an Oldcastle Company

Anchor, a subsidiary of Oldcastle APG a CRH company, supplies a wide range of architectural masonry, brick and concrete products including masonry units, brick veneer and concrete blocks. Anchor, a subsidiary of Oldcastle APG a CRH company, is the recognized leader in concrete masonry technology and design. Since 1946 Anchor has maintained the ...

The Aesthetic Appeal of Ground-Face Block

Either premixed or jobsite mixed mortar can be used with ground-face block. Proper mortar color is essential to the aesthetic qualities of ground-face concrete masonry. After installation, block should be cleaned to remove dirt and dust on their exposed faces. Manufacturers warn against using acid or acid-based solutions to clean ground-face block.

Groundface Block | A.C. Krebs Co

Groundface Block. A.C. Krebs is the only manufacturer of Ground-Face block in the state of Kentucky. This attractive grinding technique is widely used by architects for banding and highlighting on the interior and exterior of buildings.

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Day & Campbell Limited-Autoclaved and Concrete Slag Block

Available in all standard sizes, colours, as well as our large format block. Ground Face- Ground Faced Masonry products are designed for internal or external situations combining inherent self-finished decorative appeal with strength and durability. Available in all standard sizes, colours, as well as our large format block.

Trendstone Ground Face Masonry Units, AZ

TRENDSTONE® ground face masonry units are integrally colored concrete blocks with one or more faces ground to expose the variegated colors of the natural aggregates. A special additive is included in the concrete mix design to prevent efflorescence.

Ground Face Block Archives

Products Ground Face Block Producers of Ground Face Block Expocrete Concrete Products Locations Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - servicing Regina, Saskatoon and surrounding areas Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Edmonton, Alberta Located in ...


CLEANING / HANDLING PROCEDURES FOR REFLECTIVE/GROUND FACE BLOCK STORAGE / HANDLING: 1) Keep units clean. Units are shipped with a protective cover to protect from dirt and water penetration, leave this wrap on until units are used. 2) Opened pallets must be covered with a protective cover to prevent contamination.

Concrete Block (CMU) Sizes, Shapes, and Finishes

Also referred to as Ground Face CMU, concrete blocks can be burnished or polished to expose the natural aggregates in the concrete mix. It is important to work with the manufacturer to select appealing aggregate and to test the polishing process to ensure you get the aesthetic you are looking for.

2020 Split Face Concrete Block Prices - Cost per CMU, Sealing

Split-Face Block Prices per Block/CMU. Often referred to as a concrete masonry unit, or CMU, a standard split-face cinder block is 8x8x16, made of concrete, and features a textured pattern on only one side. The price for standard units is about each. Non-standard versions are available in other sizes and styles for - each.

Honed Face Blocks

The Honed Face Designer Block features a matt, exposed aggregate finish. Designer Block is suitable for internal & external walls in loadbearing & non-loadbearing applications. These concrete coloured blocks are popular for feature face applications in double leaf ...

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Architectural Veneer

Burnished Amcon's burnished concrete masonry unit (CMU) is ground down to provide a smooth face and exposes the natural beauty of the aggregate in the block. ... Mammoth Stone® Amcon's Mammoth Stone ® Series is an innovative product line designed to simulate the look of natural stone using multiple sizes shapes installed in an ashlar pattern.

Split Face Blocks

The Split Face Designer Block features a bold textured, exposed aggregate finish. Designer Block is suitable for internal & external walls in loadbearing & non-loadbearing applications. These concrete coloured blocks are popular for feature face applications in double

Ground Face CMU with a terrazzo finish

Ground face is a maintenance free, load bearing concrete block finish which exposes the beauty of each unit's natural aggregates. All ground face block have integral water repellant and thus are perfect for exterior applications

Welcome to Hagerstown Block Company

Larger views of the most popular Ground Face Block Colors. Please move Cursor over Images to see the Color Number pop up. Click on the images below to see larger photos of our Products in that color. . GR-603 ©2006 Hagerstown Block ...

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