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Plinth Bricks for Sale (Stretchers & Headers)

The sloped surface is practical for drainage, and the layering effect of including plinth bricks in designs makes them desirable for aesthetic reasons too. Plinth Stretcher Bricks. Our range of plinth stretcher bricks are used for similar detailing work, as well as creating cills, plinths and changing wall depths. These are also sometimes ...

Brickwork Types and Brickwork Bonds

Brickwork Types and Brickwork Bonds . If you need help and advice with regard to independent building surveys, structural reports, property surveys, engineers reports, specific defects report, structural surveys, independent valuations, home buyers reports or any other property matters please free phone 0800 298 5424 for a friendly chat with one of our surveyors.

Brick Walls

Old English Bond. This is the oldest brick pattern. Bricks were laid in alternate layers of headers and stretchers. A 'stretcher' is a brick laid so that its side is showing, a 'header' is a brick laid so that only its end is showing.

Types of Bonds in Brick Masonry Wall Construction and

Longer narrow face of the brick is called as stretcher as shown in the elevation of figure below. Stretcher bond, also called as running bond, is created when bricks are laid with only their stretchers showing, overlapping midway with the courses of bricks below and above. Stretcher bond in the brick is the simplest repeating pattern.

A Guide to Block Paving Patterns

10/01/2020 · Replicating the layout of brick-laid walls, patterns like stack and stretcher bonds are simple and traditional block paving patterns. As you use predominantly whole bricks, you can plan the number of bricks almost to perfection and repeating patterns allow for quick laying.

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Plinth bricks have been used for many years in both commercial and domestic buildings. Illustrated along with British Standard Specials are Ibstock Kevington’s own substantial range of specials with extra faces and shapes to aid bonding.

the wall will be robust HIT AND MISS BRICK SCREEN

HIT AND MISS BRICK SCREEN SOME RULES OF THUMB SOME OTHER BRICK SCREENS WE LOVE FACT SHEET SHADE NON-COMBUSTIBLE SCREEN MOTIF PRIVACY VENTILATION REDUCE GLARE TRADE SKILL LEVEL: C o usn l t w i t h a s t r u c t u r a l engineer to ensure that the wall will be robust and structurally sound. Wall thickness can be adapted to block out high summer sun but still allow winter …

* Stretcher (Architecture) - Definition,meaning

Stretcher A brick laid with its long side outermost. Stretcher bondBrickwork with only the stretchers (long sides) of the bricks showing.String .... Stretchers: Units are horizontally oriented with the full face exposed (most common). Headers: Oriented perpendicular to the face of the wall with the end exposed. Soldiers: Vertically oriented with the full face exposed.

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a brick or stone laid in a wall so that its longer edge is exposed or parallel to the surface. Compare header (def 5a). a simple wooden framework on which the canvas for an oil painting is stretched.


Northcot Brick has produced this guide to special shaped bricks. We hope that it will provide a useful aid to specification and choice and help to keep brick in the forefront of current design and building. We will be glad to give advice on all our bricks and specials. Please contact the Sales Office by telephone on 01386 700551 or by email

How to Build a Concrete Block Wall Using a Stretcher Bond

Dec 04, 2016 · Take a quick lesson in how to make a concrete block wall using a stretcher bond. Start working on on your own by watching the basics presented in this tutorial series on masonry. Watch the next ...

Brick of Chicago — learn about brick

The length of the brick is juuuust a little longer than two widths. Why? Because that way two widths plus a bit of mortar (called the Perpend) equals one length. Two headers plus a perpend equals a stretcher! Let's do the math. A standard US brick is 194 × 92 × 57 mm. Two 92mm headers = 184mm + 10mm of mortar (the perpend) = one 194mm stretcher.


2019-12-05 · 4. Brick masonry absorbs water and there are possibility of dampness. There is no such problem in stone masonry. 5. More architectural effects can be given in stone masonry compared to that in brick masonry. 6. Stone masonry gives massive appearance and hence monumental buildings are built in stone masonry.

Radial Bricks | Shaped Bricks

These bricks are intended for half brick leafs in stretcher bond. Dimension A has been selected to be close to 215mm (work size of standard brick) whilst giving whole or half numbers of units in quadrants with convex face radii of multiples of 225mm (co-ordinating size of standard brick) and 300mm (preferred planning module).

Brick Sizes, Shapes, Types, and Grades

Brick sizes and shapes for standard brick types, including information on the specified size, actual size, and nominal size. Also covers brick types and grades to help architects select the best brick …

Brick Bonds

(the shorter face of the brick) and stretchers (the longer face of the brick). The most common form of bond on historic buildings is Flemish Bond. Modern cavity walls are built in the monotonous Stretcher Bond. These appeared in the 1880’s, but by the 1890’s architects were already using snapped headers to continue the use of the more

PL.3 Plinth Stretcher special special shaped brick

This product is available in Red, Blue and Buff. Document Downloads. Cradley Brick Specials Pocket Guide. Cradley Brick Specials Guide. Image Downloads. PL.3 Plinth Stretcher - Low res. PL.3 Plinth Stretcher - High res.

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stretcher: ( strech'ĕr ), 1. A litter, usually a sheet of canvas stretched to a frame with four handles, used for transporting the sick or injured. 2. A cart with four wheels and a flat top for the transportation of patients, usually within hospitals. [A.S. streccan, to stretch]

Brick Tile Bond Patterns

05/12/2019 · Bond Patterns in Brickwork relate to the way in which bricks are laid to create a patterned effect, nowadays the most common is stretcher bond- using solely full bricks laid in an alternating pattern row by row. Using half bricks or tiles gives many more combinations.

How to Build a Brick Wall (Steps with Pictures)

2020-02-19 · Always build at least a course higher on the pillars than the rest of the wall. Move the string line up as you build, bedding it into the mortar on the pillars. For a stretcher bond, the end of each brick should be over the centre of the one beneath.

PGH Dry Pressed Bricks

seen on many buildings, both old and new. Dry pressed bricks are for the brick connoisseur, and like a fine wine, they just get more beautiful with age. Dry pressed bricks are made by pressing clay into individual moulds at very high compression, and have a grainy yet smooth, velvety appearance. Their extremely square arris is an important ...

Garden Guides | How to Use a Mason's Line Stretcher

11/06/2010 · The string should be long enough for several feet of block or bricks but not so long that it sags in the middle. Wrap the string around each stretcher bar toward the front. This is usually three to four wraps. The working wrap should cross over the top of the stretcher bar and rest in the corner between the metal ear and the top of the ...

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A masonry tie is a wire or sheet metal device used to connect two or more masonry single section brick walls. They are also used to connect masonry veneers to a structural backing system. TOOTHING. The temporary wall ends where alternate stretchers project out. Projecting masonry units are called tooths. WAYS TO LAY A BRICK

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Bonds and Patterns in Brickwork

Each course of brick consists of alternate stretchers and headers, with the headers in alternate courses centered over the stretchers in the intervening courses. Where the headers are not used for the structural bonding, they may be obtained by using half brick called "clipped" or "snap" headers.

How do I tell if my house is brick or brick veneer?

One way is by looking at the bond of the bricks. Your bricks are arranged in a running bond or stretcher bond, which is always one brick thick:. To be a structural brick wall it would have to be more than one brick thick, or have multiple wythes, and you would see headers, like this:. It's likely your walls are wood-framed with single-wythe brick veneer on the outside.

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Special Brick Showhome. The diagram below will show you where each kind of special shaped brick is commonly used in housing design. If you already know what you’re looking for, you may want to skip this stage and go straight to our Special Brick Selector.

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Brick Brace Instructions Brick Brace Instructions Test Report Brick Brace Test Report Prop-Wise Instructions Prop-Wise Instructions Block work Drawing, Print to

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stretcher n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (device for stretching canvas) 펴는 기구 명 명사: 사람 및 사물의 이름과 다른 말에 의존하는 의존 명사가 있습니다. '하늘, 스티브 잡스, 밥 먹는 데, 안타까울따름' 등이 있습니다. Attach the canvas to the stretcher with pins or staples.

Using Brick in Contemporary Design

One of the best ways to introduce design interest into a brick elevation is through the bond (the pattern in which the bricks are laid). The most common bond you’ll see on most new brick houses is the stretcher bond (where the brick is laid with its long, so-called stretcher face side by side).

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27/12/2018 · Stretcher-the longest face of a brick as seen in the elevation of the wall is called stretcher. Header- the shortest face of a brick as seen in the elevation off the wall is called header. Arrise- the edges formed by the intersection of plane surface of brick are called arrise.


If you do disturb any adjacent bricks, you must remove and relay them. Otherwise, cracks will form between the brick and mortar, allowing moisture to penetrate the wall. Figure 9-15. Making a closure joint in a stretcher course. CUTTING BRICK. 9-36. Bricks will either be cut with a bolster or a brick set, using a brick …

RevitCat: Stretcher Bond Hatching in Revit

A few years back I posted a description of how to create a complex custom hatch pattern for Revit - that example was for repeating octagons. Since then I have often needed to quickly create much simpler patterns such as stretcher bond elevation views for bricks, blocks and tiles.


17/09/2015 · Brick masonry is built with bricks bonded together with mortar. For temporary sheds mud mortar may be used but for all permanent buildings lime or cement mortars are used. A stretcher is the longer face of the brick as seen in the elevation. In the brick of size 190 mm × 90 mm × 90 mm, 190 mm × 90 mm face is the stretcher.

Stretcher Course | Definition of Stretcher Course by

Stretcher course definition is - a course in which all the bricks are laid as stretchers.

Header vs Stretcher - What's the difference?

As nouns the difference between header and stretcher is that header is the upper portion of a page (or other) layout while stretcher is one who, or that which, stretches. As a verb stretcher is to carry (an injured person) on a stretcher.

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