How Far Apart Should Concrete Deck Blocks Be?

Building a Wooden Deck Over a Concrete One : 6 Steps (with

Building a Wooden Deck Over a Concrete One: So we've had this very sturdy but extremely plain looking concrete porch in the back of the house, and we've always wanted to make it warmer and more inviting. The obvious solution, to us, was to replace it with a

Types of Concrete Joints and Placing Tips

Intended to create a weakened area in the concrete and regulate where cracks will occur, normally in a straight line. Contraction joints should be placed to produce panels that are as square as possible and never exceed a length to width ratio of 1 ½ to 1. Joints are ...

Deck Calculator

See also: Deck and Floor Board Quantity and Spacing Calculator for more detailed floor board spacing and gap calculations. BOARD Running set-out points. Select board multiples to set out board placement. Enter cost per linear foot and wastage % for Stumps, Bearers, Joists and Boards to Calculate individual and Total Costs.

How to Build a Deck Without Digging Holes

A deck makes a great home improvement addition to almost any backyard. However, building a deck can become a time-consuming chore if you must dig holes and pour concrete to set your deck posts. Fortunately, there's a simple, cost-effective way to build a deck without digging holes.

Deck Joist Span Chart

Deck Cantilevers Section R507.5 notes that deck joists can cantilever up to 1/4 of the joist span. But you’ll notice when you look at the portion of the span table for joists with cantilevers that the joist span for decks with a cantilever is often less than the span for the ...

Building a deck, 12x16, how often put 4x4 footer?

Apr 20, 2008 · Building a deck, 12x16, how often put 4x4 footer? - posted in General Discussion: I am building a 12x16 deck, only about a foot off the ground and does not have to support anything but body weight. How many feet apart should I put the footers? Thanks

Proper Spacing for Deck Footings

May 16, 2018 · If you're building a simple deck, footings and posts should be placed less than 8 feet apart. However, if your deck will include a hot tub or roof, you must support that weight with additional footings. Or, if your deck has many angles, additional footings are necessary.

How Many Deck Posts Should a 8'x12' Deck Have?

2019/7/30 · How Many Deck Posts Should a 8'x12' Deck Have? Written by Kimberley McGee; Updated July 30 ... The code requires that the wood railings are spaced 6-feet apart or less on the flat part of the deck.

How to Build a Shed Foundation with Deck Blocks

Deck blocks are a preformed mass of concrete with formations in the top sized to hold lumber for vertical posts or beams to support a structure. They will look similar to below but may vary slightly in size or shape. They may be wider at the base than the top, or they

DIY Concrete Guide: Controlling Cracks

Architectural Screen Blocks; DIY Guide to Concrete. How to Do Concrete – Guide to Site Preparation – Do it Yourself Guide to Concrete – Site Preparation (DIY) How to Do Concrete – Guide to Controlling Cracks – Slab on Grade Concrete – Do it Yourself Guide to Controlling Cracks (DIY)

Deck Footing Spacing and Layout

Bigfoot Concrete Footing Forms How to Build a Deck on Sloped or Uneven Ground Can I reuse the footings from my old deck for a new deck project? Using Rebar for Concrete Deck Footings Concrete Pier Blocks for Decks Deck Footing Spacing & Layout Prevent Frost Footing Heaving Concrete

How to Build a Deck: Post Holes and Deck Framing

Dec 18, 2019 · Remember to follow local code for deck posts. There are several methods for setting posts. One way is to pour concrete in the post hole, set the post on the concrete and backfill with gravel. To help prevent rotting, this deck will have wooden posts attached to concrete footers above ground.

How to Build a Floating Deck | how-tos

See all full list on

Deck Foundations - Alternative Ways To Support Decks

The cheapest deck foundations are concrete deck blocks that just sit on the ground. The blocks are usually less than apiece. However, you must buy a lot of them to ensure the weight of your deck is spread out over enough soil surface area so that they don't

Re: How far apart to space blocks under mobile home

Jun 30, 2010 · > How far apart is the recommended spacing? > > One other thing. I ws told to use two blocks (double blocks) per ... How far apart to space blocks under mobile home: Robert Perkis: 7/6/10 1:28 AM: gregh ... Any space over 8 inches should be another concrete block. In fact I'd use the 4x4x16 solid blocks for any space larger than 4 inches, but ...

Should Deck Posts Sunk In Concrete Or Above Ground?

2010/4/17 · Should Deck Posts Sunk In Concrete Or Above Ground? What is a better way to go. I have to fix a friends 8x8 porch that is about has moved about two inches from the house. The 4"x4" posts supporting it are on a square slab of concrete maybe a foot deep into ...


This deck uses two 100 x 50mm pieces of timber nailed together as bearers at 300mm centres from opposite faces. Fix to each pile with two 100 x 3.75 hot-dipped galvanised nails skewed (angle nailed) from each face. The piles at each end should also be connected to the bearer with a stainless steel ‘Nailon’ plate on each face. NOTE: Decking performs better and lasts longer if it …

Concrete Block Foundation Walls

Concrete block foundation walls work well over the house footings. This page gives practical advice on checking block foundation walls. ... The blocks must be ordered by you or the mason. I prefer to do my own count of the blocks, and try to be thorough and ...

Concrete Block and Brick Making Machine Manufacturer

Hongfa is a China leading brick making machine manufacturer, pioneer in wall building construction, produces large range of block making machine.

Building a Block Wall | QUIKRETE: Cement and Concrete Products

Project Instructions. When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves. Step 1 Ensure a solid footing. Footings should be a minimum of twice the width of the concrete block (i.e., a typical 8x8x16 block would require a 16-inch wide footing) and extend below the frost line.

Shed support spacing? | Forums

May 09, 2008 · I have decided to try and de-cruft some of our living areas and the garage by building a metal shed, 10' x 14' nominal size, to use mostly for cruft storage, possibly for occasional minor workshop stuff. In order to floor the shed, I will be building a foundation platform out of 2x6...

Building a Sturdy Pier and Beam Foundation

A pier and beam foundation offers some great advantages that a full basement does not afford. It forms a crawlspace under the home that provides easy access to many of the utilities in case repairs are needed. Also, a pier and beam foundation preempts the need for heavy machinery to dig a large foundation. Large concrete slabs need the labor of ...

Distance of deck posts?

I'm planning to build a deck attached to the end of my house. It will be 12 feet out from the house. The posts will be 2 x 10" concrete blocks (to be covered with artificial stack rock). How far apart can my posts be. Is 12.4foot centers too far apart? This would cause about 11 foot of span between edges of posts.

Concrete: Control Joints and Expansion Joints

With a little planning prior to pouring, utilizing control joints and expansion joints will help minimize cracking and extend the life of the concrete. If your existing concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio happens to crack over time, there are several things you can do to ...

tiny house foundation

Mar 27, 2013 · I filled the buckets with gravel and rocks to take up space around the cement. I finished the buckets off with a flat and even layer of cement so the deck blocks would have something flat and solid to sit on. Boom. Concrete-ish pillars. Trying to get the holes to an even depth was a real clownfest.

How many piers do I need for a shed?

2003/10/28 · The 2x6 runners mentioned earlier would work just as well, but I used 4x4 (or 4x6) so they would have less tendency to roll over and have twice as much bearing on the ground. If you feeel better with concrete, look into the deck-blocks that are notched for joists.

Is there a code requirement for deck blocking between joists?

Sep 25, 2010 · Is there a code requirement for deck blocking between joists? ... So far If I were building it and not having it inspected I would put blocks down the middle of the ... | Spacing the Dek-Block® Piers

Jun 06, 2012 · These Heavy Duty Deckin' Blocks are perfect for larger projects such as Hot Tubs and Garden Buildings. They make building a deck fast and easy. We have incorporated drainage channels to protect the timber joists, a strong footprint for complete stability and cast in high strength concrete to give weight, the integral part of any foundation.

How to Build a Pier Shed Foundation

How to Build a Pier Shed Foundation IS THE GROUND IN YOUR backyard uneven? or Does it tend to collect water right where you plan to build your shed? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then building a pier foundation might be for you. Since ...

How to Build a Deck Step by Step with Pictures

I've wondered how to build a deck for years! So I set about learning how to build a deck step by step and took pictures during the process. To build a deck, start by: 1. Placing concrete deck blocks about every 3-5'. They don't need to be level with each other but should be level with the ground, so shovel the ground

How To Build a Deck

If the deck will be no more than 6 feet off the ground, a common recommendation is to space the support beams no more than 12 feet apart. As a rule, you'll only need one beam along the outer edge of the deck ( a ledger bolted to the house supports the other end of the deck).

Using Supports With Rebar When Pouring Concrete

Aug 26, 2019 · Standard steel chairs may be fitted with plastic feet to prevent spot corrosion on the concrete surface. There are also stainless steel chairs, which are non-corrosive and are used when plastic is not allowed into the concrete, or when the weight of the rebar is too much for plastic chairs.

Concrete Anchors - How To Use Concrete Wedge Anchors and

Concrete wedge anchors are used to fasten or secure many different kinds of things to concrete and masonry. Wedge anchors, also known as expansion bolts and expansion anchors, secure themselves to concrete using a mechanical wedging effect at the end of the anchor. Disclaimer: If you purchase a wedge anchor or drill bit from amazon within 24 ...

How far apart do footings need to be for a deck?

How far apart do posts need to be on a deck? Starting with your perimeter, mark the location of each deck post to locate the fitting position. In general, posts should be spaced no more than 8 feet apart.

Do Pier Foundations Work for Home Additions? | Angie's List

For any kind of footers or piers, you must check the soil for shifting, expansion and contraction, as well as weight-bearing capacity. The soil should be harder and firmer to be able to hold the concrete footings. Soil that contains gravel may hold more weight than soil that has more organic material.

Build a Floating Deck : 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Build a Floating Deck: Here is how I built a deck in my backyard.It's a "floating deck," which means it simply rests on blocks at ground level, and is not anchored deeply in the ground. This type of deck can only be made in areas that do not have a deep winter frost. In...

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