Floor Tile Removal Machine

Tile Removal in Melbourne

We are Melbourne's original floor tile removal specialists. We specialize in the removal of your old flooring and getting your floors ready for whatever comes next. We take the time to remove those ever annoying and costly humps in the slab, to make laying your new floors a breeze.

National 5700 All Day Battery Ride-On Floor Removal Machine

The National 5700 All Day Battery Ride-On Floor Removal Machine has the ability to operate 8 to 10 hours on a single charge regardless of the floor application.

Rent A Scraper - Floor Covering Removal Equipment

Free training on machine use and savvy experienced advice on how to get your flooring up the fastest. Free shipping to any city in the lower 48 states. Forklift or loading dock NOT required for equipment delivery. 7-Day/week phone support for questions on floor removal techniques, blade orders and equipment operation.

Walk Behind Floor Scrapers - Floor Covering Removal Equipment

Walk Behind Floor Scrapers are designed to remove direct glue down carpet, resilient sheet goods,vinyl tile and other difficult floor accumulations.

Tile Removal Equipment | Tile Scrapers

The Novastrip Line of products uses infrared radiant heat to penetrate tile, loosening the adhesive bond underneath. This allows for the removal of intact tiles. Novastrips are perfectly suited for removing Vinyl Asbestos Tile or any other flooring using glues and mastics. Novastrips are available in 3 different sizes. The N100 has a 16" x 16 ...

Bull – Self Propelled Floor Scraper – Contec NA

The BULL, raises the bar for all floor strippers or scrapers! Its unsurpassed performance leaves others in its wake! The BULL excels at floor covering removals due to its superior engineering, refined design, and combination of weight, power, and ram action. Its ability to remove floor coverings seems limitless.

Arizona Home Floors - Dust Free Tile Removal Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Home Floors Dust-Free Tile Removal: Outstanding Experience After hearing horror stories about mountains of dust created by floor tile removal—and the cleaning costs to remove it–we were pretty skeptical that our floor tile—1600+ square feet of it– could be removed “dustless”. When we called AZ Home Floors Dust-Free, we ...

How to Remove a Tile Floor | how-tos

Removing floor tile can be a difficult and time-consuming project and the challenges often remain hidden until the project is underway. Depending on the construction, the tile may be attached to bare cement, a plywood or mason board underlayment or even affixed to a previously installed floor.

Blog - DIY tile removal

DIY tile removal Thursday, 6 June 2013 1:46:51 am Australia/Sydney. Removing tiles from a floor can be noisy and messy, not to mention difficult. Concrete board-mounted tiles are easier to remove, whereas concrete slab mounted tiles are a little more difficult.

Riding Floor Scrapers - Floor Covering Removal Equipment

Riding Floor Scrapers & Ride On Floor Removal Machines Renegade® 2900 Battery Powered Scraper . SKU# 2900 Battery powered scraper built for fast removal. Now just ,995 Product Details: Renegade® 5200-QL Battery. SKU# 5200-QL This Cordless Ride-On floor removal machine is the only Battery unit available on the market that you can switch batteries without the use of a forklift. Product ...

Floor Scrapers | Terminator Ride On Floor Scrapers

Floor Scrapers are called by several names including: Floor Stripper, Floor Stripping Machine, Floor Scraping Machine, Tile Removal Machine, Floor Tile Scraper, and more. We offer Bartell Global and Innovatech Ride-On Floor Scrapers for large industrial type jobs. For tooling or scraper blades please see Floor Scrapers Blades and Accessories.

Removing Ceramic Tiled Floors On Concrete - Time, Tools

Other types of removal these companies handle include hardwood glued to concrete; a very time consuming job. The beauty of this battery powered machine is that it is extremely quiet and scoops up the hardest part of removal, thin set, like spooning peanut butter off a floor. Some Preparation Notes Before Tearing Out Tile. Dust!

Novatek N100 EcoStrip Infrared Heat Floor Tile Removal Machine

Novatek N100 NovaStrip is an infrared radiant heat floor tile removal machine which is perfect for steps, closets and compact areas.

Ride-On Floor Removal Machines

We offer several models of Ride-On Removal Machines designed for removing the toughest of flooring. Our fleet offers several different brands and a variety of power sources including Propane, Battery, or electric machines. No matter what kind of flooring your looking to remove we can help you find the Ride-On machine that best fits your upcoming job and your budget.

Thinset Removal Dust Free with DustRam Equipment

To remove tiles that are secured to concrete with thinset and grout, a sledge hammer, angle grinder or similar tile removal equipment can be used for concrete grinding but if speed and ease are desired then an electric chipping hammer is highly recommended to tackle a concrete floor or wall. This tool can push through the thinset and even start ...

How to remove floor tiles

Then pry the tiles off the floor by driving the bolster blade underneath them with your mallet. In this case we are starting with an exposed edge, so getting under the tiles is easy. If your floor is fully enclosed, check out our How to replace a broken tile video for a quick way to remove your first tile.

Novatek N378 NovaStrip Infrared Heat Floor Tile Removal

Novatek N378 NovaStrip is an infrared radiant heat floor tile removal machine which is perfect for regular and Asbestos tiles.

Floor Removal - Floor Preparation Machines

National Equipment has your products and machines for surface preparation, floor removal, floor installation, scraper blades and more!

Melbourne Tile Removal – Get Your Tiles Removed from m²

Hire the professionals at Melbourne Tile Removal to remove tiles from as little as m². We can remove floor tiles, wall tiles, kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles of all types including, ceramic, slate, terracotta, granite, marble and more.

Tile Removal Made Easy DIY

2015-11-07 · Here's how to remove ceramic tile yourself from concrete floors. ... Tile Removal Made Easy DIY megalodon1. Loading ... Installing TILE FLOOR for the FIRST TIME 🛠 How To Lay Tile Floor ...

Easiest Way to Remove Vinyl Floor Tiles | Home Guides

2020-04-23 · Easiest Way to Remove Vinyl Floor Tiles. ... have the floor inspected for asbestos before removal. Many older floor tiles included the carcinogenic ... The Floor Pro Community: Tile …

Flooring Removal Services Offers Fast, Affordable Tile

08/01/2016 · Today, new floor tile removal machines make removing old flooring cleaner, faster, and easier for both our company and our valued customers. Removing an existing ceramic tile floor prior to installing new flooring, is one of the most physically demanding tasks in any residential or commercial remodeling project.

Riding Floor Scrapers & Ride On Floor Removal Machines

Riding Floor Scrapers & Ride On Floor Removal Machines Refurbished Floor Removal Equipment. Looking to get the floor removal machines you need for less? A Certified Renegade® refurbished grinder or floor scraper may be the way to go. All the refurbished equipment at SED Inc. is Factory Certified & Factory Reconditioned, comes with brand new ...

How to Remove Floor Tile: Tools, Step by Step & Tile Removal

How to Remove Floor Tile: Tools, Step by Step & Tile Removal Many homeowners become very interested in how to remove floor tile once they get estimates for the job from flooring contractors . The cost to remove floor tile is to .50 per square foot based on the specifics of the job.

MS 230 Floor and Tile Removal Machine

MS 330 Floor and Tile Removal Machine designed for surface preparation, stripping, and demolition by SPE and Bartell Global Many years of experience in the design and... Choose Options VTS-50 Floor …

Machine for Removing Ceramic Flooring | Home Guides

Some machines are equipped with angle and blade adjustments to help remove tough tiles. Choose a unit with at least a 1-horsepower engine and multiple blades for the power to remove ceramic.

Hire Floor Tile Removal Machine | Floor Scraper Rental

FLOOR STRIPPERS. If you want to hire a floor tile removal machine, our range of floor strippers is just what you need. Concrete Hire have many years of experience in concrete equipment hire in Perth, and our advice equipment is second to none.. View our range of floor scraper rental equipment below, then contact us for a quote.

Shanks And Blades - Floor Removal Equipment

National Flooring Equipment sells Floor Removal Shanks & Blades with floor scraper blades, Double Edge Blades and more floor removal ... Walk-behind Machine Accessories; Shanks & Blades; ... The 552 angle shank with carbide tip is designed for light-duty commercial- and residential-grade ceramic tile and hard good removal.

Floor Removal Equipment: Riders, Scrapers, Grinders

The Renegade® 2900 Battery Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine is the first machine designed specifically for those who need more power without the required extended run time. Battery Floor Scraper. Get more material removed per shift than other battery machine. This All Day Battery Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine is a ...

What Our Floor Tile Removal Machine Can Do for You

What Our Floor Tile Removal Machine Can Do for You tile removal. Did you know that our company, Flooring Removal Services, in Pompano Beach, FL has the best floor tile removal machine available in this region? This is important news if you are planning to take up an old tile floor…

Ceramic Tile Removal Equipment

Ceramic Tile Removal Equipment Tile removal can be a difficult process if the proper equipment is not used. The following is a list of equipment recommendations for different types of tile. Air Powered Spud Bar. Ceramic tile uses thinset instead of glue to stick to the floor.

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