Use Of Recycled Aggregate In Concrete

Use of recycled concrete aggregate in high-strength concrete

The results of a test programme to study the use of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in high-strength, 50 N/mm 2 or greater, concrete are described. The effects of coarse RCA content on the ceiling strength, bulk engineering and durability properties of such concretes have been established.

Ways to Recycle and Reuse Concrete

Recycled concrete can be used in many of the same ways as you would use new materials, such as gravel, paving materials, and aggregates. Permeable paving for walkways, driveways, and other outdoor hard surfaces: Broken concrete that is carefully laid creates a stable, porous traffic surface that rainwater can filter through.

The use of recycled aggregate in concrete in Hong Kong

The compressive strength of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) is found to be higher than the compressive strength of normal concrete. Recycled aggregate concrete is in close proximity to normal ...

Use of recycled aggregates in pressed fly ash geopolymer

In this study, the physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of pressed geopolymer concrete (PRGC) mixed with recycled concrete aggregate (RC) and recycled concrete block aggregate (RB) were investigated. Lignite coal fly ash, sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH), and sodium silicate solution were used as source materials to make geopolymer paste.

Crushed Concrete Aggregate| Concrete Construction Magazine

Jun 30, 2011 · For the purpose of this article the term crushed concrete aggregate (CCA) is defined as returned concrete and recycled concrete aggregate clean enough to be used as aggregate for new concrete. Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) refers to crushed concrete and other materials suitable for use as fill and compactible fill.


the recycled aggregate concrete is almost 85% and 80% of natural aggregate concrete. Amn (2002), concrete having a 28 -day compressive strength of 28 MPa was crushed at ages 1, 3 and 28 days to serve as a source of aggregate for new concrete,

(PDF) Use of recycled concrete aggregate in concrete: A review

The use of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in concrete as partial and full replacements of natural coarse aggregate is growing interest in the construction industry, as it reduces the demand for ...

MPA Cement Fact Sheet 6 Use of recycled aggregates in concrete

Recycled aggregate is derived from crushing inert construction and demolition waste. It may be classified as recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) when consisting primarily of crushed concrete or more general recycled aggregate (RA) when it contains substantial quantities of materials other than crushed concrete. Currently, only the use of coarse

Use of Recycled Aggregate and Fly Ash in Concrete Pavement

Problem statement: Recycled materials aggregate from the demolished concrete structures and fly ash from burning coal shows the possible application as structural and non structural components in concrete structures. This research aims to evaluate the feasibility of using concrete containing recycled concrete aggregate and fly ash in concrete pavement. Approach: Two water cement ratio (0.45 ...

The dangers of using recycled aggregates in concrete

2019/08/05 · The use of recycled aggregates A focus on recycling across a broad spectrum of industries in recent years has naturally led to the question of what concrete manufacturers are currently doing to ensure the re-use of aggregates ...

Aggregate in Concrete

The use of recycled concrete, crushed to proper-size concrete aggregate, has also demonstrated successful performance. Recycled concrete will have a higher absorption and lower specific gravity than conventional aggregates.

Evaluation of the use of crushed returned concrete as recycled aggregate in ready-mix concrete

Evaluation of the use of crushed returned concrete as recycled aggregate in ready-mix concrete plant Highlights•Use of recycled aggregate from the production of ready-mix concrete plant.•Analysis of recycled concrete through laboratory and industrial scale tests ...

Recycled Aggregate - an overview

19.2.1 Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) Coarse RCA complies to the requirements of maximum 5% masonry content, 5% fine materials, 0.5% lightweight material, 5% asphalt, 1% foreign material and 1% acid soluble sulfate, and is suitable for use in concrete as per BS 8500-2 (2006).

Recycled aggregates for concrete

Foamed concrete using the <4mm fines from RCA is also used in trench reinstatement and there is potential to use incinerator bottom ash aggregate in foamed concrete as well. The concrete standard BS 8500 has improved the potential for use of recycled.


This p aper d escribes initial findings of work undertaken to demonstrate the suitability of coarse recycled aggregate for use in concrete paving applications. During this work, scientific and applied research was combined. Recycled aggregates obtained from a ...


Is cement stronger than concrete?

Sustainable Construction: Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Sustainable Construction: Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate: Proceedings of the International Symposium organised by the Concrete Technology Unit, University of Dundee and held at the Department of Trade and Industry Conference Centre, London, UK on

UG-Mat Reclaimed Concrete Material

Mn/DOT uses almost 100% of the concrete removed from its pavements as dense graded aggregate base with statewide use of recycled concrete aggregate permitted by the Mn/DOT Standard Specifications for Construction. Minnesota has observed that recycled concrete aggregate used in base and subbase material performs similarly to virgin aggregate.

Recycled Aggregates: Use in Concrete (ICE Themes)

Recycled Aggregates: Use in Concrete (ICE Themes) provides an overview of the full spectrum of research undertaken on the use of recycled aggregate as a replacement for commonly used natural aggregate in a wide range of concrete applications. Featuring ...

Recycled Aggregate Concrete: Applications, Advantages

Recycled aggregate concrete have several reliable applications. However, countries like India need to take some serious urgent measures to unleash the scope of RAC and if done so, concrete recycling will become one of the most important element for construction sustainability.

Environmental Assessment of Two Use Cycles of Recycled

Abstract: The main goal of this study was to compare two use cycles of natural aggregate concrete and recycled aggregate concrete, which is another way to compare the environmental impacts of recycled materials. A series of concrete mixtures with various replacement ratios of primary resources with recycled ones were prepared for this study.

Crushed Concrete Aggregates - Properties and Uses of Recycled Aggregates

Crushed concrete aggregates also called as recycled concrete aggregates are fragments and pieces of concrete buildings which are demolished or rebuild. It is reported that, coarse aggregate which comply with standards can be produced. However, fine aggregates

recycling use of waste concrete as aggregate ppt

Use of RECYCLED AGGREGATES In CONCRETE- A Paradigm Realising the future national importance of recycled aggregate concrete in construction, SERC, Ghaziabad had taken up a pilot RD project on Recycling and Reuse of ...

Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Recycled

I ABSTRACT Concrete is the most common material for human beings to use in construction. In this study, the behavior of the recycled plastic as aggregate in concrete has been investigated on compressive, tensile, and flexural

Aggregates for Concrete

Recycled concrete is created by breaking, removing, and crushing existing concrete to a preferred size. It is commonly used as a base layer for other construction materials. Recycled concrete can be used as aggregate in new concrete, particularly the coarse portion. When using the recycled concrete as aggregate, the following should be taken ...

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Transportation costs, energy use and wear and tear on roads and equipment are all reduced. The recycled aggregate is used as soon as it is processed. Recycled concrete currently supplies about 5% of aggregate use. The bulk of recycled aggregates – about 68 % – is used as road base.

Use of Recycled Aggregate in Concrete

Use of recycled aggregate in concrete can be useful for environmental protection and economical terms. Recycled aggregates are the materials for the future. The application of recycled aggregate has been started in relaxation for ...

Use of recycled concrete aggregate in concrete: a review: Journal

2013/9/6 · AbstractThe use of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in concrete as partial and full replacements of natural coarse aggregate is growing interest in the construction industry, as it reduces the demand for virgin aggregate. In addition, the use of RCA leads to a ...

Recycled Aggregates - Portland Cement Association

According to a 2004 FHWA study, 38 states recycle concrete as an aggregate base; 11 recycle it into new portland cement concrete. The states that do use recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in new concrete report that concrete with RCA performs equal to concrete with natural aggregates.

Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New Concrete Pavement

Using recycled pavement as aggregate in new concrete mixes can save money and promote environmental sustainability. New design methods allow engineers to create more durable mixes from recycled aggregate than in the past, reducing the need for virgin ...

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